Sled Dog Tours

South Colton Sled Dog Rides, Excursions, Mushing Trails & Kennel Visits

Seasonal Activities

All sled ride and passenger cart activities are weather permitting. Our dog teams are not expected to work in harness when temperatures are above 50F or if the humidity is high.

Winter Activities

In Winter we offer daily trips where you can explore winter wonderland with a team of purebred, registered Siberian Huskies as your guides. You can drive your own team or ride on a double sled. (Options to drive your own team are only available in winter.)

Spring & Fall Activities

​We train daily in Spring, Fall and Winter, when temps are below 50F. Guest tours are often incorporated into the dogs’ training schedule. In the Spring and Fall, the dogs pull passenger carts. The Spring and Fall are beautiful trips and the weather is great. Enjoy the beauty of the fall forest or fresh scents of spring.

Summer Activities

Our dogs take summers off so there is no harness work, but we do offer Kennel Visit Tours (comprising a walk-through of the dog kennel, interactive presentation, photo ops, short forest trail walks with your choice of sled dog). Relax on the Pavilion porch and observe the dogs’ daily routine and joyful interaction with each other.

Kennel Visits

See how the Call of the Wild AKC registered Siberian Huskies live, work and train!

  • Walk through our unique kennel setup and play with the COTW racing team – they love to be petted!
  • Listen to our COTW Siberian Huskies tell their own “stories” and listen to Spencer tell snippets of his amazing Iditarod journey.
  • Learn about the specialized equipment used in the sport of dog sledding – sleds, carts, harnesses, booties, specially built dog truck.
  • Have your photo taken with your favorite Siberian Husky.
  • Take a short forest walk with a couple of the sled dogs (weather dependent).
  • Relax in our heated pavilion and enjoy an interactive presentation about the vast differences in our various musher’s experiences – from dry-land sledding in South Africa to sledding on snow in North America at -85F windchill! Or just sit and observe the dogs’ daily routine.


Price: $110 (minimum) – covers one to 3 people (but you can bring more)

Each additional person over the age of 3: $30/ea.

Kennel Tours take 2 hours

Reservations required: (315) 262-2145